*fills mason jar with vodka* i’m doing a cleanse

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  • me: whats your opinion on tampons
  • little brother: they're little fuzzy sticks on strings
  • me: then you are ultimately more mature than most boys
  • little brother: why
  • me: for some reason tampons are gross and taboo just cuz they go in a vagina
  • little brother: well so does a penis and boys never stop talking about those
  • me:
  • little brother:
  • me: that is a fantastic point
  • You won’t allow me to go to school.
    I won’t become a doctor.
    Remember this:
    One day you will be sick.

    Poem written by an 11 year old Afghan girl 

    This poem was recorded in a NYT magazine article about female underground poetry groups in Afghanistan. An amazing article about the ways in which women are using a traditional two line poetry form to express their resistance to male oppression, their feelings about love (considered blasphemous).

     Here’s the link

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